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Neil Revely, Chair, Housing Policy Network and National Executive Member, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (invited)

  • Outlining the steps that should be taken by housing associations to ensure they are building and managing healthy homes
  • Highlighting how housing associations should adapt housing to improve physical and mental health needs of residents
  • Outlining how making improvements can ensure that people are able to live independently through their homes

Catherine Ryder, Director of Policy and Research, National Housing Federation (invited)

  • Providing an update on NHS England’s strategic commitment to working together across health, care and housing to deliver the best possible health outcomes through the home
  • Expanding the Hospital to Home programme, which is improving care providing in the home, increasing access to care at home, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and creating a smoother discharge process
  • Delivering improved local cross-sector partnerships and integrated services in the interests of meeting individualised living needs and developing healthier communities, as outlined in the 2018 Memorandum of Understanding
  • Updating the Healthy New Towns projects with the latest learnings on better creating healthier communities with more integrated health and housing services

Tom Luckraft, National Directorate of NHS Operations and Delivery, NHS England (CONFIRMED)

Discussing the importance of housing to achieving the outcome goals Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPS) and Integrated Care Systems.

  • How well is housing integrated into STPs? What are the next steps for improving this integration?
  • What are the best steps for linking NHS estate strategies to STP plans to improve transitions between housing and health?
  • In what way can we improve the offer each sector provides to each other, building trust and investing time and effort into closer integration?

Brian Fisher, Chair, New NHS Alliance (CONFIRMED)
Sue Adams, Chief Executive, Care & Repair England (CONFIRMED)
David Buck, The Kings Fund (CONFIRMED)
David Pearson, Independent Chair, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (invited)

This session will cover the most pertinent barriers attendees are facing with regards to engagement across sectors and will tailor the panel discussion around advice to overcome these barriers. Attendees will submit the main barriers they are facing to the interactive Slido application, which will guide the following discussion and enable delegates to have their concerns heard and covered.

Nic Bungay, Director of Strategy & External Affairs, Habinteg Housing Association (invited)
Kevin McGeough, Director, Ebbsfleet Garden City, Healthy New Town Programme (CONFIRMED)
Helen Simpson, Strategic Relationships Manager (Housing), Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (invited)

Delegates will have the opportunity to network directly with exhibitors and meet with representatives from NHS England and NHS Improvement on the Primary Care and System Transformation stand to talk all things integrated care and primary care networks. This will enable delegates to talk about the key areas that impact the improvement of healthcare outcomes through housing. 

  • Understanding the impact of effective housing on the wellbeing and health of older people including creating safer environments to prevent falls and ill-health
  • Outlining the key issues facing the ageing population in relation to appropriate housing, including an inadequate volume of suitable housing being built by volume housebuilders
  • Exploring the importance of housing associations and suppliers working with healthcare services to help create a healthier ageing population
  • Discussing how health and housing can collaborate at local level to shape community services and improve the delivery of housing for older people

Clare Skidmore, Strategic Lead, Housing LIN (CONFIRMED)

  • Supporting the health sector, housing associations and local government to develop ‘healthy places’
  • Addressing health concerns and inequalities through strategically planning and developing built environments in local regions
  • Increasing the knowledge base to ensure local and neighbourhood planning systems are best delivering public health outcomes

Carl Petrokofsky, Public Health Specialist Advisor, Healthy Places Team, Public Health England (PHE) (CONFIRMED)
Rachel Toms, Programme Lead, Health Places Unit, Public Health England (PHE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Offering self-contained flats and bungalows with access to 24-hour care teams to support those who are ready to be discharged from hospital but are unable to return home
  • Providing the service for free, with the inclusion of a structured hospital to home programme and a relearning programme to reduce the likelihood of readmission
  • Discharging 84.6% of clients to somewhere other than residential care, saving 1,854 excess bed days in one year
  • Providing a cost benefit over £560,000 to the NHS in one year through improved discharge of patients

Harriet Bosnell, Director of Health, Care and Support, The Curo Group Housing (invited)

  • Outlining how Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) commissioned a new approach to improving health and wellbeing for local residents through the home
  • Understanding how the Keep Well Collaborative was established to cultivate relationships between housing, health, social care and voluntary agencies to overcome the obstacles healthcare provisions in homes
  • Discussing how this scheme helped to facilitate a collaboration between Solent NHS Trust and Vivid Homes to provide a new Wellbeing Service launched in December 2018 which has helped to reduce GP appointments and the strain on 999 services
  • Sharing the importance of working in collaboration to improve the health and wellbeing of residents and how sharing resources can remove some of the strain from NHS services

Sharon Collins, Director, Shared Ventures (invited)
Cleon Hutton, Partnerships Manager, Vivid (invited)
Sue Harriman, Chief Executive, Solent NHS Trust (invited)

*Programme subject to change

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